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Saturday, Nov 12 at 12:00 PM - Monday, Nov 14 12:00 PM
Sunday, Nov 12 at 12:00 PM - Tuesday, Nov 14 12:00 PM
Monday, Nov 12 at 12:00 PM - Wednesday, Nov 14 12:00 PM
Tuesday, Nov 12 at 12:00 PM - Thursday, Nov 14 12:00 PM

Welcome to R & B Ranch 

At R&B Ranch we take pride in breeding these "Gentle Giants". We are located in Lexington, South Carolina and firmly believe in producing the Danes where temperaments, health & wellbeing and conformation are set forth by their breeding standards.

 We have some beautiful colors and very nice Danes, with single and Double Champion bloodlines, showing years of great health & longevity of life, amazing temperaments, confirmation and smart. When wanting a Dane, what more could you ask for...

We also have horses, Blue Heeler, Chihuahuas and Boston Terrier on our farm. We enjoy taking our Pocket Purse Chihuahuas out in public with us and to our local stores. Everyone falls in love with our Chihuahuas when they see them, so we are now breeding our Chihuahuas. No Matter how BIG or Small at R&B Ranch we love them all!! For more information on our Great Danes or Chihuahuas, please text or call (803) 269-1720.